Yulong DA8II

The Yulong DA8II is the successor to the original DA8, which came out two years ago as Yulong’s flagship. The DA8II is a revised design, in which Yulong decided to collect some of the users’ suggestions, and achieve a warmer, smoother presentation.     The Yulong DA8II is still based on the ESS9018 DAC chipset,… » Read the full article

From HiFiDuino: The Soekris R-2R DAC

A while ago I have been notified about a very interesting DIY project at HiFiDuino: the Soekris R-2R DAC. The DAC is based on a set of Burr-Brown PCM1704 DAC chips (one of the best multibit chips, now out of production). The DAC has the potential to be class leading for a very affordable price,… » Read the full article

SOtM sMS-100 Mini Server

Here I am finally reviewing the SOtM sMS-100, a very simple, feature loaded Network Player that’s become a keeper in my audio chain. The main purpose of the sMS-100 network player, is to get rid of a computer in the living room for a more direct, convenient way to access to the music. I have… » Read the full article

Metrum Hex NOS DAC

Here I am reviewing one of the best sounding (if not the best sounding) DAC’s I have ever heard. It’s the Metrum Hex. I have purchased this after having liked the Metrum Octave Mk2 quite a lot. In a convenient form factor, the Octave was offering a warm, lush, bloomy signature albeit a bit too… » Read the full article

AMR DP-777

Here is my take on the AMR DP-777 DAC, which I have been listening to for several month, and mentioned in various of my latest articles. AMR has been (co)founded by Thorsen Loesch, one of the people mainly involved in studying the Philips TDA1541 DAC chip through the years, which is usually regarded as one… » Read the full article

Zodiac Gold DAC And Voltikus PSU

The Zodiac Gold is the top of the Antelope Audio dac line. The Gold is considered an improvement over its lesser siblings because of its high quality stepped attenuator, and because of the board modifications made to use such attenuator. There is a motor which lets the attenuator move either when commanded from the computer… » Read the full article

Halide DAC HD Review

I have got interested in this DAC after having owned Halide Design Bridge, which I enjoyed a lot as a very clever, super compact solution, with which I could get rid of many digital cable and jitter-related paranoias. When I purcahsed the Bridge usb/spdif only, I was a long term user of Moray James digital… » Read the full article


This is a review for the JCAT USB card, one of the first experiments in making an audiophile USB card, implementing special filters for providing clean power in order to minimize USB-related noise mess in the digital signal path. The USB card is the second product I purchased from the JCAT lineup, following the JCAT… » Read the full article

Review: Jkenny Ciùnas DAC

The Ciunas is the last iteration of Jkenny’s works, who a few years ago started offering mods for the Hiface USB-SPDIF interface in order to maximize its performance. He subsequently designed a DAC using such Hiface as receiver, and a Sabre 32 bit chip, and now evolved the DAC design into this latest model, the… » Read the full article

April Music Eximus DP-1 DAC-Amplifier Review

My interest for April Eximus DP1 started because of a combination of reasons. First of all, the introduction of their U3 unit, in an era where the main trend has been to deal with computer audio, and usb-related issues (mainly, jitter rejection, and bitperfect reproduction). Personally, I have been passionate about digital cables since getting in… » Read the full article