Computer Audio Design: Optimization Scripts

I would like to present this set of scripts, prepared by Computer Audio Design, aimed to optimize Windows 8, 8.1 and Mac computers by stopping unnecessary background processes.
The first time, the user launches an executable file. A console prompt opens, where the user is asked three questions:
– if he wants to fully disable the network adapter (Yes/No)
– in case the first answer is no: if he wants to disable wi-fi (Yes/No)
– if he uses an SSD or IDE disk (Yes/No)… if unknown, No should be chosen.

After this selection, the optimization program will effectively launch. The scripts will start in background every time the computer is restarted (without asking further questions), and do their job in a couple of minutes.
A second script is provided to restore the original situation.

In case of Windows, there is a specific release optimized for JPLAY audio player.

CAD: Computer Setup