Dunu DN-2002

The Dunu DN-2002 are the best surprise I have come across in several months: they are the first pair to come out of three high end universal in-ear monitors DUNU announced.
The DN-2002 improve strongly over their lesser siblings, the Titan 3 and Titan 5. Where the others are “flavoured” over specific frequency ranges, the DN-2002 have been voiced to have an almost perfect tonal balance. They are super linear, and smooth. They are multi-driver IEMs, where each channel is composed of two dynamic drivers and two balanced armature drivers. By technology, balanced armature drivers are have faster transier response than dynamic drivers, thus being more resolving, and for this reason, the DN-2002 employ them for midrange and treble. The two dynamic drivers are used for low frequencies, because of their capability of outputting bass more naturally.
Just like their cheaper siblings, the DN-2002 offer removable cable for improved durability.
Dunu DN-2002 Blackberry

Fit and Eartips

The DN-2002 are canalphones using the same tips as Sennheiser or Sony, so, not as deep insertion as the Etymotic ER4 or Westone offerings. Their larger nozzle makes them compatible with tips such as Comply T-400.
The DN-2002 come with a large selection of silicon eartips, as well as a pair of comply foam tips.
I have been listening to the DN-2002 with the both the SlimFit silicon tips and the comply foam tips. Both are capable of making great sound, but I prefer the silicon tips, which I find more linear, crisper and more detailed, while the foam tips smoother the top end a bit. Still, my right ear canal is a bit larger than the left, and I have been reaching more frequently for the foam tips for comfort reasons.
The DN-2002 can be worn both over the ear, and upside-down. My preference is to wear them over the ear, because it reduces both the cable weight at the earpiece, and the microphonics.


My sound impressions are based upon both silicon tips and foam tips. As a general rule, foam tips tend to be smoother and have a bit more subdued top end.
With silicon tips, the DN-2002 are extremely resolving, have wonderful instrument placement and vividness of spatial detail. They are also completely smooth, and none of the frequency ranges is ever out of place. There is no midrange recession, there are no treble peaks, there is no bass bloat. The bass is tight, deep, has fast transients, and adds up to a cohesiveness in sound where all the frequencies are well integrated and work together for musicality, and the speed and details add up to the richness. All this detail comes without any drawbacks: there is no metallicness nor sibilance because there are no peaks. Vocals are never spoiled, even out of bad recordings: the DN-2002 do not any unwanted high-frequency energy.
Dunu DN-2002 Zoom
The DN-2002 are very special, they have a special take on linearity, sounding delicate, full of nuances, slightly warm in the midrange. The fast but powerful bass adds up to the sensation of delicacy without ever sounding lean. There is no treble or midrange boost which can be found in IEM’s such as Etymotic ER4, nor excess of warmth/darkness such as with Westone Pro 30 / UM3x.
The DN-2002 are a natural upgrade to all non-bassy IEMs, including the ER4P I used to love so much: they are much more even, full bodied, they have bigger soundstage and more musical. They are super-resolving even with regular smartphones, provided the smartphone is not too poor sounding. They sound great with my Motorola Photon Q, Blackberry Passport, iPhone 5.


The Dunu DN-2002 are very special and remind me of a universal version of JH13 custom IEMs.
They are one of the most balanced, and pleasant, IEMs I have owned. From musicality to detail richness, everything contributes to the pleasure of listening. Timbre is great and bad peaks are avoided. I would suggest this IEM to most people, unless the buyer is looking specifically for something even lusher, fuller, darker and more romantic (such as the Westone UM3x). Just to make a comparison with two of my favourite high end headphones, with a small stretch of imagination, we can say that Stax Omega 2 signature, with its transparency, would be closer to the Dunu DN-2002, whereas Hifiman Edition X would be more akin to a Westone UM3x IEM.
Comfort is adaptable thanks to the wide selection of eartips.
In their price range, they are definitely recommended, just for sonics alone. Furthermore, the aforementioned removable cable guarantees durability across time.