Forza Audioworks Claire Interconnects

I am reviewing these interconnects, made by Polish brand Forza Audioworks, after having been very satisfied with their twin USB cable.
I wanted something that would let me use my Headamp AE-2 portable amplifier with more flexibility than what’s offered by my other cables.
The Claire cables are indeed built for flexibility, and they sort of let me use my AE2 as a “wired” remote control, when listening to music on my rocking Pöang seat.


The Claire cables are made using 8 stranded wires made of 7N copper. Each wire is made from 60 uninsulated strands of 0.07mm wire, and then insulated with PE dielectric. The 8 wires are then braided together.



The Forza Rca have a sweetened sound; they tend to be non-sibilant, lay down the details and the soundstage diffusedly, don’t add any bass bloom. Their biggest advantage is the level of transparency to details, and capability of sweetening the hardest songs. What is perhaps their main limitation in tonality is that the upper midrange area (about 2kHz and over) is a bit toned down compared to other cables, thus lacking some solidity in certain system. In other system, the same quality, along with the delicate and detailed treble response, helps making the songs more fluid, avoiding harsh and fatiguing high frequencies, and making for long and relaxing listening sessions.

Quality/price ratio, the Claire offers the FAW house sound signature with a detailed, non fatiguing sound and relaxing feeling, and from a mechanical point of view, a very nicely flexible cable for a low pricetag; albeit both the Claire and the Twin USB cable belong to the same maker, and albeit they share a common a liquid signature, the former takes on a more laid back, diffused approach, while the USB also focuses in producing a good amount of air and tridimensional separation.

FAW Claire

[Bonus Track] The rocking Poang in all its beauty:

Forza Audioworks Claire