Stax SR-Lambda Review

Presentation This is a very short, but dense review of the Stax Lambda, one of the “right sounding” headphones that I currently own, and which I’d blindly suggest to any audiophile on a budget. The SR-Lambda came with bias voltage of 230V (or “normal”), and 6 pins termination and were the first in the Lambda… » Read the full article

Forza Audioworks Recable for Etymotic ER4

Introduction After having owned a couple of the Forza Audioworks cables (the twin, copper made usb cable, and the Claire analogue interconnects), I asked him if he wanted to make me a recable for Etymotic ER4P. I have been an Etymotic lover for years, mainly for their lifelike midrange, deep bass, linearity, and their high… » Read the full article

Review: JPlay 5.2 Audio Player

Jplay is considered, along with XXEighEnd and the minimal MQN, one the best sounding music players on Windows platform. Initially I have been sceptical about how a software player could affect the sound quality of a hifi system, but, as long as I kept learning about the matter, everything started to make sense. It’s about… » Read the full article

iFi iUSBPower USB Power Supply

Presentation The purpose of the iFi iUSBPower is to regenerate the dirty 5V power signal coming from a PC USB port, with clean 5V taken from an external source and passed through the iFi device itself. There are, in generally, two types of USB DAC (or USB-to-SPDIF converters) in the audio market: those that actually… » Read the full article

The Meitner IDAT D/A Interpolation Algorithm

This interesting article (source: Stereophile) provides a good explanation about what’s special in Meitner’s IDAT interpolation algorithm and the way it’ said to be “capable of understanding music”. The article describes how the IDAT algorithm merges the effect of FIR (finite impulse response) and IIR (infinite impulse response) filters, by detecting which parts of the… » Read the full article

Forza Audioworks Claire Interconnects

I am reviewing these interconnects, made by Polish brand Forza Audioworks, after having been very satisfied with their twin USB cable. I wanted something that would let me use my Headamp AE-2 portable amplifier with more flexibility than what’s offered by my other cables. The Claire cables are indeed built for flexibility, and they sort… » Read the full article

Di Marzio High-Definition Interconnects

This is a mini review for a pair of cables which are produced for studio: they are the High Definition interconnects from Di Marzio. I decided to buy a short pair after the advice of a friend from Head-Fi, with whom I was discussing my requirements for a reasonably priced pair of RCA cables, sturdy,… » Read the full article

Belkin Synapse Platinum Digital Interconnect

This is a sort of “legendary” coaxial cable, since, when in production, it used to cost about 7$, and then it got to a “cult status” thanks to Romy The Cat (owner of GoodSoundClub website), and, subsequently, thanks to several Museatex dac owners. The Synapse Platinum is made of stranded wire and measures around 73… » Read the full article

Forza Audioworks Twin USB Cable (Copper Series)

Here I am reviewing a special copper Twin USB cable made by Forza Audioworks (Poland). The Twin USB cable was thought with the main goal of separating the power and signal lines, in order to keep the power constant and help the USB clock’s stability. Functionality and Technical principles While certain cables draw both power… » Read the full article