A Stax Enciclopedia: Wikiphonia

Wikiphonia, held by Faust3d, contains hundreds articles about various types of headphones and headphone related material. People can talk freely and add information about any type of headphones new or old, dynamic, isodynamic (aka orthodynamic) or electrostatic. The main focus of the wiki is on old out of production headphones such as Jecklin Floats, vintage… » Read the full article

Headphones in Pills

Headphones in Pills… aka “The Hintpicker”, shots describing most headphones I owned. Stax SR-009: You put a great, analogue sounding source with the SR-009 and the sound is magical. You put a great, analogue sounding source behind the SR-007, and someone will tell you that your amp is the problem, and/or your source is not… » Read the full article

Westone 3 In-Ear Monitors

This is the revised review of what I originally wrote on Head-fi.org for Westone 3, which, at the moment of its annunciation, introduced 3 drivers / 3 ways technology (1 bass driver, 1 midrange driver, 1 treble driver), and is still among the top end of universal IEM’s, but still retained a few quirks.  … » Read the full article

Aude’ze LCD-2 Mini Review

The Audeze LCD-2/3 is a controversial headphone line. People having listened to them tend to group into three categories: those who consider them “forward” and “intimate”; those who consider them “recessed and clinical”. Others who call them just dark. Certain people blame this perceived variability on the “poor quality control”; in fact, Aude’ze itself mentioned… » Read the full article

Headphone Measurements

The ability to understand graphs is very useful to make a proper, objective idea to which to compare reviews from different sources. This is especially true for Headphones. InnerFidelity (run by Tyll Hertsens) provides very accurate graphs, taken with very high-end instrumentation. Frequency Response and Square Wave Response graphs for most Headphones – InnerFidelity A… » Read the full article

DAC Chips List

–>List Of All The Existing CD Players, DAC’s and Transports, and the Chips Used are the best of the single-bit Panasonic MN6476 – 1 bit MASH | MN64761 – 1 bit MASH _ | MN66271 – 1 bit, cheap, chip “all-in-one” MN662713 – 1 bit, cheap, chip “all-in-one” ————————————————– Pioneer: PD2026 – 1 bit cheap,… » Read the full article

Sennheiser HD800 Review

I have had two flings with Sennheiser HD800, distanced in time. First, a couple of years ago, I obtained a pair on loan for evaluation, with the personal aim of reviewing them for a contest put up on Head-fi (proposed by an online shop, now disappeared); later on, I had the chance to test them with… » Read the full article