Stax SR-003 Electrostatic In-Earspeakers

The purpose of this article is to give both an introduction to Stax headphones (electrostatic technology) and a review of an entry level (price wise), yet outstanding unit, the SR-003, which performs better than several other models in the same family. I know the SR-003 deeply and across the years I have listened to them… » Read the full article

Review Round-up: All Yuin Earphones

This review originally appeared on It was my view about the so much talked Yuin earbuds: the PK1, PK2, OK1, OK2 and OK3. Since most (if not all) of these models are still around, and among the most interesting earbuds available, I wanted to give a refreshed view here. Presentation Yuin is a chinese… » Read the full article

A Soundbsessive Manifesto

In the course of the last 6-7 years, I have been trying pretty much all the headphones in existence, owning mostly, reviewing many, writing impressions. I have also had experience in tuning certain orthodynamics, and, at some point, I started cultivating a strong passion towards digital reproduction, the main concerns involved, what makes tonality right,… » Read the full article