Hifiman RE600 v2

We are going to analyse the Hifiman RE600v2, the newest revision of the top Hifiman canalphones. The RE600 belong to the same category as Sony and Sennheiser canalphones: they use dynamic driver technology and have larger nozzle compared to balanced armature driver-based in-ear monitors like Etymotic, Shure, Westone. Compared to the latter group, the RE600… » Read the full article

Acoustic Revive USB-1.0SPS

    This is a review for Acoustic Revive USB-1.0SPS twin cable. I have been using this cable with AMR DP-777, one of the most capable sources in revealing the Acoustic Revive special qualities. This pure solid core copper cable is built with a special shielding. Being single core, and because of its structure, the… » Read the full article

Dunu DN-2002

The Dunu DN-2002 are the best surprise I have come across in several months: they are the first pair to come out of three high end universal in-ear monitors DUNU announced. The DN-2002 improve strongly over their lesser siblings, the Titan 3 and Titan 5. Where the others are “flavoured” over specific frequency ranges, the… » Read the full article

Hifiman HM901s

HiFiMan was the first Chinese manufacturer to have ventured in the hi-end mp3 player market. The HM801, about 6-7 years ago, started it all with over the top specifications, implementing the revered (and discontinued) BurrBrown PCM-1704 dac chip, for the first time in a portable package. A few years later, other competitors have followed HiFiMan’s… » Read the full article

Hifiman Edition X

In this review I will introduce and analyze Hifiman Edition X, the new high-end orthodynamic headphone from Hifiman, second in line to the HE-1000 in their top offerings. As I explained in my HE-1000 review, orthodynamic headphones differ from the more common dynamic headphones in the way the transducers are charged and driven, while being… » Read the full article

Hifiman Edition S

In this article, I am going to cover the Edition S, the new portable headphone from Hifiman. At 250 dollars, they are a much cheaper model compared to the older sister from the same line (the 1800 usd Edition X), and are aimed to portable music listening. The Edition S are very cool looking, with… » Read the full article

DUNU Titan 3 & 5

My new toys are the Dunu Titan canalphones. Specifically, I am reviewing Dunu Titan 3 and Titan 5, both models being heirs to the Titan 1, both coming roughly at the same price (120 Euro whereabouts). The Dunu Titan 3 and Titan 5 have identical looks, but are tuned for different flavours, one being more… » Read the full article

HifiMan HE-1000

This is my review of the HifiMan HE-1000. I got interested in them after listening and owning the HE6, and I purchased them about two months ago. They are currently HifiMan flagship headphones, and they aim to be the top end of the orthodynamic headphones. Orthos, also identified as Planar Magnetic headphones, are somehow between… » Read the full article

SOtM sHP-100

This is the review of the SOtM sHP-100, a portable dac/amplifier combo designed for computer audio. SOtM has made itself known especially for their network players/streamers, such as the tiny sMS-100, which offered several features, stability, and high performance, for a much cheaper price tag than its competitors. The sHP-100 is built on the same… » Read the full article

The Sennheiser Experience (Momentum, HD650, HD600)

This is a “special” review, where I gather my thoughts about Sennheiser Momentum (over-ear), and at the same time I also talk about Sennheiser HD650, HD600 and their general phylosophy. I have been owning such headphones repeatedly for years, without ever writing a proper review for them. I chose to buy the Sennheiser Momentum after… » Read the full article