Yulong D200 Sabre DSD DAC

Today I look at my third “modern” Yulong DAC, their latest offering, the D200. Taking the place of D100mk2, this is aimed at a lower price pointthan DA8 I looked at previously. Based on the ESS Sabre chipset family, D200 uses a slightly lower end 9016 chip, compared to 9018 used by the DA8. Similarly… » Read the full article

Yulong DA8 DSD DAC Review

Introduction The Yulong DA8 is the new top of the line from Yulong. I have already reviewed its direct ancestor (the D18), and I in the past I had owned Yulong DAH-1 (the first DAC made by Yulong, a few years ago). When comparing the two, I had found with pleasure that they evolved the… » Read the full article

Mytek 192 DSD-DAC Preamp

Introduction This is my take on the Mytek 192 DSD-DAC Preamp. I have been listening to it for weeks and thoroughly comparing with other devices, with a particular attention to the Yulong DA8, both because I have quite a few emails as to how the two compared, and also because of my inherent curiosity, given… » Read the full article

JKenny Ciunas USB-SPDIF Converter

The Ciunas USB/SPDIF converter is one of the two products, built by JKenny, belonging to the Ciunas line. While the Ciunas DAC, which I reviewed a while ago, is a stand alone USB DAC, the USB/SPDIF converter is aimed to take the usb signal from a computer, and feed it to DAC’s accepting SPDIF protocol,… » Read the full article

Triple.fi 10 Pro In-Ear Monitors

This review has been originally published on Head-fi. Subsequently, it underwent several revisions. Given the popularity of the Triple.fi is still high, I am going to publish a whole new version. In general, I have been evaluating the Triple.fi 10 Pro using Comply tips, rather than the provided silicon tips. Such silicon tips, with the… » Read the full article

Acoustic Revive Cables

In this multiple review, I am going to evaluate a number of Acoustic Revive interconnects which I purchased along with some friends after the Munich high-end festival. In the article I will evaluate three different Acoustic Revive USB cables, a pair of XLR interconnects (XLR-1.0PA II) and an AES/EBU active connector (DSIX-1.0BPA II). The USB… » Read the full article

Metrum Octave Mk2

A good while back, I had reviewed the Halide DAC HD. I remember listening to it and thinking, “the tonality is really awesome, this is an hd capable dac that sounds warm as a NOS dac”. It was able to melt with Audio Technica AD2000 and I wished to find something else that could improve… » Read the full article

Romy The Cat’s Mad Electricity

Several of us found out that DAC’s and amplifiers can be very sensitive to the quality of power, almost to the point that when it is a “bad electricity day”, some of them can be almost unlistenable. Certain DAC’s (such as Museatex Idat-44, or Metrum Octave), are more sensitive than others. For certain people, the… » Read the full article