Revelation Audio Labs “Paradise” Balanced Interconnect

Revelation Audio Labs have been in the market for several years, known for making very high quality cables with solid silver, and at some point, a few years ago, several users reported non-delivered goods and total lack of communications.
The same happened to me: five years ago, I bought and reviewed a Revelation Audio Labs Prophecy USB cable, and subsequently purchased a pair of Paradise XLR cables. After long waits, and without receiving anything, at some point I was informed by Brad, owner of Revelation Audio, that he was living a personal difficult situation. After that, in the following months, there still was lack of communication and at some point I totally gave up expecting the cables.
Last July I randomly recontacted Brad Vojtech of Revelation Audio Labs, to see if he could eventually deliver the Paradise XLR interconnects I had purchased, and to my surprise he was prompt in his answer and quickly sent me the Paradise XLR. I was very surprised about such a turn of events, after so many years, although I’d still like to understand happened during all this time.

After this unusual premise, let’s analyze the RAL Paradise.


The cables are very stiff and have large diameter. Such structure is both for damping the cable (so to reduce the electromagnetic interferences), as well as for giving protection and durability to the solid core silver inside. Solid core silver is much more fragile than stranded, but can also be much richer, purer sounding.

Revelation Audio Labs Paradise

Test System

I have tested the Paradise with a balanced setup consisting of Metrum Adagio DAC, Stax SRM-727A amplifier and Stax SR-009.
I have been comparing them with Kimber Hero balanced interconnects.


The Paradise cable has a pure, lively sound, with clear midrange and refined instrument placement. Compared to the Kimber Hero, it gives a better sense of rhytm, as everything sounds more cohesive, all sounds (being them nuances or primary instruments) contributing to an orchestration. It’s like the music has increased in “self awareness” and thus involvement is higher and more active for the listener. Nothing sticks out, but simply everything feels more alive. There is control at all frequencies: high frequencies are smooth and never sibilant, low frequencies sound controlled without losing any power compared to the Kimber.
To me, the Paradise don’t color anything, but they make the Kimber sound opaque in comparison. Switching to the Paradise is like taking away a layer between the listener and the music, for all instruments.


The Paradise are great sounding cables, that would work well in any system, apart from those that need cables to “correct” a wrong balance by adding color.
After a period of worrying unresponsivity, Revelation Audio Labs seems to have managed to come back to normal operation. Hopefully it will keep staying on the right track. Timing, responsivity and reliability would be crucial for purchasers, not only in order to receive products, but also in order to be able to rely on warranty services, whenever necessary.

Revelation Audio Labs Metrum


Revelation Audio Labs Stax