Binaural-Bimodal Fitting or Bilateral Implantation for Managing Severe to Profound Deafness: A Review

This article, written by Teresa Y.C. Ching, offers a clear explanation for the reader to understand the rationale for providing binaural hearing for patients with severe/profound deafness, and discusses whether better binaural hearing can be achieved with binaural/bimodal fitting or bilateral implantation, describing both approaches. I would like to present it here because it lays… » Read the full article

Compression Speed in Hearing Aids

This is a wonderful paper written by PhD Brian C. Moore, which explains with clarity the principles of compression (a concept historically present in audio) as applied in modern hearing aids. Slow-compression and fast compression speed approaches are considered and compared.   The Choice of Compression Speed in Hearing Aids: Theoretical and Practical Considerations and… » Read the full article