Yulong DAART Canary

The Yulong DAART line has been defined as a new collaboration between Yulong engineers, musicians and music producers. The Canary is the first product in the DAART line: it’s a transportable DAC with integrated headphone amplifier for computer audio, in the 250-300$ price bracket. The Canary has a peculiar shape and can be found in… » Read the full article

SOtM sHP-100

This is the review of the SOtM sHP-100, a portable dac/amplifier combo designed for computer audio. SOtM has made itself known especially for their network players/streamers, such as the tiny sMS-100, which offered several features, stability, and high performance, for a much cheaper price tag than its competitors. The sHP-100 is built on the same… » Read the full article

The CKKIII Headphone Amplifier

Here I am introducing one of my DIY favourites from the past, the Cavalli-Kan Kumisa III headphone amplifier. The CKKIII (or CK²III) is a joint collaboration between AMB and Alex Cavalli DIY designers. The amp is in the Headamp GS-1 range of quality, it’s extremely trasparent sounding and has a smooth top end. The tone… » Read the full article

Yulong A28 Balanced Headphone Amplifier

This time, under exam is the Yulong A28, an affordably priced full balanced amplifier. The amp has both balanced and single ended inputs / outputs, but it is mainly thought to work in balanced mode, meaning a few things: it expects the signal to be natively balances (XLR inputs); it doesn’t employ expensive transformers for… » Read the full article

April Music Eximus DP-1 DAC-Amplifier Review

My interest for April Eximus DP1 started because of a combination of reasons. First of all, the introduction of their U3 unit, in an era where the main trend has been to deal with computer audio, and usb-related issues (mainly, jitter rejection, and bitperfect reproduction). Personally, I have been passionate about digital cables since getting in… » Read the full article

Burson HA160DS DAC/Amplifier

This is my review of Burson HA-160DS, which I have been lent for a few weeks by an Italian dealer. This DAC/amplifier combo has been tested in relation to the following gear: Headphones: Audeze LCD2 AKG K501 Yuin PK1 Apuresound Etymotic ER4P/S Etymotic HF5 (with and without PtoS adapter) Amps: CKKIII DACs: Audio-GD NFB-9.2 I… » Read the full article

Yulong DA8 DSD DAC Review

Introduction The Yulong DA8 is the new top of the line from Yulong. I have already reviewed its direct ancestor (the D18), and I in the past I had owned Yulong DAH-1 (the first DAC made by Yulong, a few years ago). When comparing the two, I had found with pleasure that they evolved the… » Read the full article

Romy The Cat’s Mad Electricity

Several of us found out that DAC’s and amplifiers can be very sensitive to the quality of power, almost to the point that when it is a “bad electricity day”, some of them can be almost unlistenable. Certain DAC’s (such as Museatex Idat-44, or Metrum Octave), are more sensitive than others. For certain people, the… » Read the full article