Acoustic Revive USB-1.0SPS

    This is a review for Acoustic Revive USB-1.0SPS twin cable. I have been using this cable with AMR DP-777, one of the most capable sources in revealing the Acoustic Revive special qualities. This pure solid core copper cable is built with a special shielding. Being single core, and because of its structure, the… » Read the full article


The increasing popularity of music streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Apple’s new Beats Music, and of network file storages, are increasing demand for a better listening experience. The SOtM iSO-CAT6 and dCBL-CAT6 (respectively, LAN filter and cable) pair offers a combination designed for users who want to build their HiFi systems around network streaming…. » Read the full article

Totaldac Ethernet Cable

This is my review for the TotalDAC Ethernet cable, which I bought to use with the SOtM sMS-100 network player. The purpose of the TodalDAC Ethernet cable is to take care of the radio-frequency and electro-magnetical interferences that can be picked up and travel through the network lines, degrading or limiting the digital performances in… » Read the full article

TotalDac Filtered USB Cable

My latest acquisition is the filtered USB cable from TotalDac. I have been very interested in this cable and how it would compare with my other favourites, and most specifically with the JCAT from Jplay. The TotalDac usb cable is conceived like a standard looking cable with a metal box in the middle. The box… » Read the full article

Acoustic Revive Cables

In this multiple review, I am going to evaluate a number of Acoustic Revive interconnects which I purchased along with some friends after the Munich high-end festival. In the article I will evaluate three different Acoustic Revive USB cables, a pair of XLR interconnects (XLR-1.0PA II) and an AES/EBU active connector (DSIX-1.0BPA II). The USB… » Read the full article

JPlay JCAT USB Cable

The JCAT usb cable is the fifth high end cable I have been listening to (if we don’t factor in the Wireworld Starlight and Ultraviolet, which I consider far less than high end, albeit far from cheap). The JCAT USB cable has been conceived by JPLAY, already known for their playback software for Windows PC’s…. » Read the full article

iFi Gemini USB cable

This is a review for the iFi Gemini, which came with my AMR DP777 purchase. iFi is a sub-brand of AMR, offering more affordable products than the high end tier ones, which stay under the brand of AMR. There is some mistery surrounding the iFi Gemini, due to the relative youth of the product. Impressions… » Read the full article