Hifiman RE2000 Silver and RE800 Silver

The Hifiman RE800 Silver and RE2000 Silver are re-edition of the limited, “Gold Edition” RE2000 and RE800 that Hifiman produced one year and half years ago, and are their flagship models up to this day. The new versions differ from the former revisions in that they have, accordingly to their name, silver housing and they… » Read the full article

Hifiman Ananda

The Ananda comes from the genetics of Hifiman Edition X family, one of the best value headphones in the market. While the Edition X V2 was very similar to the former revision, mostly changing some structural elements (frame, pads). With the Ananda, Hifiman enhances the refinement process much more, taking the “X” family closer to… » Read the full article

DUNU Falcon-C

DUNU has a significant history in producing multi driver, hybrid IEM’s, which I am very fond of, because of their amazing sound and quality vs price ratio. On this website, I have already reviewed the DN-2002, DK-3001, Titan 3 and Titan 5 across the years. The DN-2002 and DK-3001 are among my absolute favourite IEM’s… » Read the full article

Meze 99 Neo

The Meze 99 Neo are a derivation of the Meze 99 Classics, that I reviewed one year and half ago. The 99 Classics were a wonderful looking closed headphones with wooden cups and a super comfortable arc, designed through computer simulations. The Meze 99 Neo are similarly amazing looking, they take the same drivers as… » Read the full article


DUNU is a high end Chinese In-Ear Monitors brand, which specializes in hybrid, multi driver IEMs. They have put out several models in the past, starting from the relatively affordable Titan series (I reviewed the Titan 3 and Titan 5 in the past), and subsequently experimenting with different driver combinations and putting out increasingly interesting… » Read the full article

HifiMan Susvara

This is my review of Hifiman Susvara, which I have been listening for a few months. Aside from Shangri-La (which is a statement product built by Hifiman as their answer to the Sennheiser Orpheus electrostatic system), the Susvara is the top end of Hifiman’s line of headphones, and a sort of synthesis of the genetics… » Read the full article

HifiMan RE2000

The Hifiman RE2000 is the new flagship dynamic driver In-Ear Monitor produced by Hifiman, and one of the most interesting headphones come out lately. Dynamic driver IEMs have come a long way since a few years ago, when they first appeared in opposition to the many IEMs produced with balanced armature technology. Dynamic driver IEMs… » Read the full article

TFZ Balance 2M

This is my review for the TFZ Balance 2M. They are single driver dynamic in-ear monitors, akin to most Sennheiser, Sony, Hifiman’s models. Like all dynamic driver IEM’s, they have the larger kind nozzle and slightly less deep insertion than the Etymotic / Shure / Westone families.     The TFZ Balance 2M have removable… » Read the full article

Meze 99 Classics

The Meze 99 Classics are the pinnacle in Meze’s portable headphone development. They currently are the only over-the-ear headphones in their line-up, otherwise formed by in-ear monitors. Just like with the 11 Neo and 12 Classics, Meze put a lot of care in the aesthetics and ergonomics of the 99 Classics: the cups are made… » Read the full article

HifiMan Edition X v2

HifiMan Edition X v2 is the second revision of the Edition X, which I loved and described as a “best value” headphone, thanks to its great combination of musical and technical capabilities, and its ease to be properly driven without having to spend a big amount of money. With the v2, HifiMan applied the same… » Read the full article