Computer Audio Design: Optimization Scripts

I would like to present this set of scripts, prepared by Computer Audio Design, aimed to optimize Windows 8, 8.1 and Mac computers by stopping unnecessary background processes. The first time, the user launches an executable file. A console prompt opens, where the user is asked three questions: – if he wants to fully disable… » Read the full article

Review: JPlay 5.2 Audio Player

Jplay is considered, along with XXEighEnd and the minimal MQN, one the best sounding music players on Windows platform. Initially I have been sceptical about how a software player could affect the sound quality of a hifi system, but, as long as I kept learning about the matter, everything started to make sense. It’s about… » Read the full article

The Meitner IDAT D/A Interpolation Algorithm

This interesting article (source: Stereophile) provides a good explanation about what’s special in Meitner’s IDAT interpolation algorithm and the way it’ said to be “capable of understanding music”. The article describes how the IDAT algorithm merges the effect of FIR (finite impulse response) and IIR (infinite impulse response) filters, by detecting which parts of the… » Read the full article