Metrum Octave Mk2

A good while back, I had reviewed the Halide DAC HD. I remember listening to it and thinking, “the tonality is really awesome, this is an hd capable dac that sounds warm as a NOS dac”. It was able to melt with Audio Technica AD2000 and I wished to find something else that could improve… » Read the full article

Romy The Cat’s Mad Electricity

Several of us found out that DAC’s and amplifiers can be very sensitive to the quality of power, almost to the point that when it is a “bad electricity day”, some of them can be almost unlistenable. Certain DAC’s (such as Museatex Idat-44, or Metrum Octave), are more sensitive than others. For certain people, the… » Read the full article

JPlay JCAT USB Cable

The JCAT usb cable is the fifth high end cable I have been listening to (if we don’t factor in the Wireworld Starlight and Ultraviolet, which I consider far less than high end, albeit far from cheap). The JCAT USB cable has been conceived by JPLAY, already known for their playback software for Windows PC’s…. » Read the full article

iFi Gemini USB cable

This is a review for the iFi Gemini, which came with my AMR DP777 purchase. iFi is a sub-brand of AMR, offering more affordable products than the high end tier ones, which stay under the brand of AMR. There is some mistery surrounding the iFi Gemini, due to the relative youth of the product. Impressions… » Read the full article

MHDT Stockholm V2

The MHDT Stockholm V2 is the second revision of Stockholm DAC, which was conceived as a successor to the Havana non-oversampling DAC, with additional capabilities for high resolution playback, up to 24bit – 192kHz. This is allowed by the usage of different USB receiver and digital filter (CS85416), while preserving the same 16 bit R2R,… » Read the full article

DIY Cables Advice (External Links)

DIY Cables Instructions: VH Audio AES/EBU Digital Cable (DIY Recipe) VH Audio Fine Silver Interconnects (DIY Recipe) VH Audio Power Cord Flavors (DIY Recipe) Braiding Litz Wire Interconnects and Speaker Cables (How-To) Theory: Henry Ott’s “Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering”: exceptional book also covering cable design Commercial products: VH Audio Power Cord Flavor 4 Chimera Labs Advantage… » Read the full article