HifiMan HE-1000

This is my review of the HifiMan HE-1000. I got interested in them after listening and owning the HE6, and I purchased them about two months ago. They are currently HifiMan flagship headphones, and they aim to be the top end of the orthodynamic headphones. Orthos, also identified as Planar Magnetic headphones, are somehow between… » Read the full article

SOtM sHP-100

This is the review of the SOtM sHP-100, a portable dac/amplifier combo designed for computer audio. SOtM has made itself known especially for their network players/streamers, such as the tiny sMS-100, which offered several features, stability, and high performance, for a much cheaper price tag than its competitors. The sHP-100 is built on the same… » Read the full article

The Sennheiser Experience (Momentum, HD650, HD600)

This is a “special” review, where I gather my thoughts about Sennheiser Momentum (over-ear), and at the same time I also talk about Sennheiser HD650, HD600 and their general phylosophy. I have been owning such headphones repeatedly for years, without ever writing a proper review for them. I chose to buy the Sennheiser Momentum after… » Read the full article

Yulong U200

The Yulong U200 is the second product put out by Yulong this year. The U200 has been designed by Yulong to be placed at a lower price point than the DA8II, trying to maximize the performances for people with very specific requirements. The U200 comes with only one USB input, discarding coaxial and optical in… » Read the full article

Yulong DA8II

The Yulong DA8II is the successor to the original DA8, which came out two years ago as Yulong’s flagship. The DA8II is a revised design, in which Yulong decided to collect some of the users’ suggestions, and achieve a warmer, smoother presentation.     The Yulong DA8II is still based on the ESS9018 DAC chipset,… » Read the full article


The increasing popularity of music streaming services such as Tidal, Spotify, Apple’s new Beats Music, and of network file storages, are increasing demand for a better listening experience. The SOtM iSO-CAT6 and dCBL-CAT6 (respectively, LAN filter and cable) pair offers a combination designed for users who want to build their HiFi systems around network streaming…. » Read the full article

Binaural-Bimodal Fitting or Bilateral Implantation for Managing Severe to Profound Deafness: A Review

This article, written by Teresa Y.C. Ching, offers a clear explanation for the reader to understand the rationale for providing binaural hearing for patients with severe/profound deafness, and discusses whether better binaural hearing can be achieved with binaural/bimodal fitting or bilateral implantation, describing both approaches. I would like to present it here because it lays… » Read the full article

Compression Speed in Hearing Aids

This is a wonderful paper written by PhD Brian C. Moore, which explains with clarity the principles of compression (a concept historically present in audio) as applied in modern hearing aids. Slow-compression and fast compression speed approaches are considered and compared.   The Choice of Compression Speed in Hearing Aids: Theoretical and Practical Considerations and… » Read the full article

DIY Electrostatic Headphones

Perhaps the most interesting thread on Head-Fi.org is the DIY Electrostatic headphone thread. With cheap DIY CNC equipment now available, a whole world has been opened up. Orthodynamics or electrets could be done DIY’ed as well. The thread creator, Chinsettawong, is very receptive to helping others and sharing his knowledge. DIY CNC machining is an… » Read the full article

Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000

I am linking a very well written review by a skilled member of Head-fi.org community, Asr. The headphone is very peculiar, with a colored, but intense midrange. The AD2000 gives its best at conveying emotions with certain musical genres: most female vocal based music (it adds up to intimacy), rock, electronic music. It’s not well… » Read the full article